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"Bold, fresh, remorseless, PRIMAL ANIMALS will sink its teeth into your throat on the first page and hang tight until the devastating finish." —Hannah Capin, author of GOLDEN BOYS BEWARE and I AM MARGARET MOORE

“Like a queer version of the Wicker Man, a wonderfully creepy mystery set under sunshine and fresh air, where nothing is what it seems and no one is what you expect. Keep your eyes open, watch your back, and beware of the flies."—Emma Berquist, author of DEVILS UNTO DUST and MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD

“A relentless thrill ride, offering a summer camp with danger at every turn, staggering twists, and a deeply human heroine. Rubin has done it again, crafting a thriller that strikes at your greatest fears and leaves you gasping for air before you even realize it.” —Courtney Gould, author of THE DEAD AND THE DARK and ECHO SUNSET

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Wilder Girls meets The Female of the Species

Arlee Gold is anxious about spending the summer at the college prep Camp Rockaway—the same camp her mother attended years ago, which her mother insists will “change her life.” Little does Arlee know that, once she steps foot on the manicured grounds, this will prove to be true in horrifying ways.

Even though the girls in her cabin are awesome—the other campers seem to be wary of Arlee. When she’s tapped to join a strange secret society, Arlee thinks this will be her shot at fitting in . . . until her new “sisters” ask her to do the unthinkable, putting her life, and others, in perilous danger...

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