praise for BURRO HILLS


"Julia Lynn Rubin draws beautifully complicated characters and an utterly convincing world. This book is gritty, unflinching and full of heart."

—Meredith Miller, author of Little Wrecks


"A dark, disturbing, romantic, riveting debut."

Caroline Bock, author of Lie

"Burro Hills is pure grit and heart….This struck deep in my guts and will resonate for quite some time. Brave, bold, wild and honest."

Bonnie Pipkin, author of Aftercare Instructions

"A vivid portrait of one teen's search for acceptance.”

—Gillian French, author of The Lies They Tell

"Rubin's contemporary first novel brims with lively prose and authentic depictions of first love, teenage interactions, and the arbitrary social rules that in high school seem like absolute law."  Publisher's Weekly

Julia Lynn Rubin

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